ENFJ, the single by Chairman Kato.

“Chairman Kato is not your average house music bro. A former accident and emergency doctor, he is also a painter, installation artist, meditation teacher, activist, and mentor to young London gang members. His music stands on its own merits, though. “ENFJ” is a big, crunchy bit of Kompakt-style electro-house that builds steadily and patiently, eventually unleashing big old rave riffs over its complex beats. “Pockets of Crazy” is very different, and more interesting still: just a soft kick, a two-note bassline, and lots of hiss and crackle, it weaves along for seven minutes, with subtle elements dropping in and out of the mix keeping it extraordinarily interesting given the lack of major event- Joe Muggs, Bandcamp Review June 2018.”

Bandcamp (comes with extra track Pockets of Crazy)