limited edition.

An immersive photography experience at Doomed Gallery, Dalston, May 2017.

Instead of displaying photography on the gallery walls, participants were invited to view the work on handheld slideviewers. By transferring his images to slides and having us view the work in this way, Kato asks us to examine the quality of presence in our relationship between the consumption of art and in every day life. Our experience of his art in this way starts and ends with our participation- we aren't able to take photographs or be anywhere else but in relationship with the material. Once we put the slideviewer down all we have left is the memory of the artwork. 
Now you see it, now you don't. 

The photographs themselves are densely layered collages from his travels and everyday life from the last ten years. He has combined them to make intricate new memories, a myriad of sensations and fleeting experiences from around the world thrown together. This interplay between fact and fiction reflects the very subjective quality of memory itself, and, by extension, life.